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What are the Benefits of Windows VPS Hosting?

VPS, or virtual private network hosting, allows companies to upgrade from basic hosting options to resources that allow them to deploy full websites and eCommerce models without paying the high costs of a dedicated server or dedicating hosting arrangement.

Windows VPS hosting refers to hosting software that uses Windows technology. For many users, especially businesses, Windows VPS offers several advantages.

VPS Advantages

First, consider the VPS advantages you gain with most types of VPS hosting, including Windows. A VPS arrangement creates a virtual server within a physical server.

Hosting companies can create many of these digital servers within a single server machine. This allows them to sell relatively inexpensive packages to companies that enable the clients to create and run complex websites, store large amounts of data, and stream a variety of adaptable services.

The primary advantages of such a system, in addition to the cost savings, are scalability and increased resources. Because a VPS exists in a virtual state, it can be quickly and easily augmented as needed.

This is ideal for companies that are in a state of flux and are not sure how much web traffic they need to plan for. Upgrading to a greater resource pool is a relatively simple process.

Resources in general also receive a significant boost from shared hosting. Bandwidth is increased and made more flexible, and that allows companies to set up a variety of rich media and streaming services without fear that the site may crash or respond too slowly for visitors.

Data storage space is increased to deal with the rising number of required databases, as well.

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- 4 GB RAM
- 40 GB SSD
- Windows server 2012
- US Datalocation Center

- RENEWABLE / recurring (You can renew each Month)

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